Shareholders encourage votes in support of resolutions

proxy voting ballot with pen_iStock-475571008 

During this shareholder advocacy season, Mercy Investment Services has filed 43 resolutions at companies we own. As we wait for shareholders to vote at each company’s annual general meeting, Mercy Investment Services reaches out to educate other shareholders on why they should vote in favor of the resolutions we filed. 

Mercy Investments starts by contacting research firms such as ISS and Glass Lewis, which recommend how shareholders should vote on the individual company ballots. We also contact major shareholders such as Vanguard and Fidelity to explain our reasoning for the resolution and encourage them to vote in favor of our resolutions. Mercy Investments also develops and distributes a proxy memo that gives an in-depth explanation of why we believe the resolution is important. The proxy memo is broadly shared with partners such as the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Ceres and PRI, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission to reach other analysts reviewing resolutions. 

Mercy Investment Services believes that shareholder resolutions can motivate companies to create change that will benefit people and communities around the world. You can see our resolutions and their results on our website, as well as how we vote on resolutions for the companies we own. 

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