We realize that we have the power to do more with our investments. Mercy Investment Services has expanded its impact investing portfolio to increase our positive investments in our global community. Our impact investing portfolio includes the Environmental Solutions Fund, the Inclusive Opportunities Fund, and Mercy Partnership Fund


Mercy Partnership Fund, the global community investing program of Mercy Investment Services, provides below-market rate investments to mission-driven organizations and projects that provide high social and environmental impact. 

Mercy Partnership Fund continues the Sisters of Mercy’s long history of community investing. In the early 1970s, several provinces formed the Mercy Consolidated Asset Management Program (MCAMP) to collaboratively invest their funds and encourage more just business practices among the companies in which they invested. In 1995, MCAMP created an Alternative Investment Fund, giving participants the option of contributing a portion of their investment to the community investing fund. As the sisters’ collaborative investment strategy grew, MCAMP evolved into Mercy Investment Program and incorporated the Alternative Investment Fund. Renamed Mercy Partnership Fund in 2003, the fund became part of Mercy Investment Services in 2010, and now, a portion of every participant’s investment supports community investing. Today, Mercy Partnership Fund loans to more than 60 investees with investments in 59 countries and throughout the United States. These investments support affordable housing, financial inclusion, education, business, cooperative and nonprofit financing, community facilities, health care, healthy food, environmental sustainability, and sustainable agriculture.


In 2015, Mercy Investment Services launched the Environmental Solutions Fund, which is devoted to funding mission-related, positive, market-rate alternative investment strategies in cleantech, water, green buildings, and sustainable agriculture and forestry within the 80/20, 70/30 and 60/40 Mercy Funds and the 80/20 Sponsored Ministry Fund. During Fiscal 2018, Mercy Investment Services added six investments to the Environmental Solutions Fund, each of which will fund six to twelve companies with mission-related, positive, market-rate alternative investment strategies in cleantech, water, green buildings, and sustainable agriculture and forestry.


Building on the success of the climate-focused Environmental Solutions Fund, in 2023 Mercy Investment Services launched an initiative within the Mercy Funds and 80/20 Sponsored Ministry Fund to address the ongoing concern for racial equity and justice. 


The Inclusive Opportunities Fund invests in groups who have been shut out of traditional capital markets and overlooked by mainstream investors including: 

  • funds owned and/or led by women, people of color and other disenfranchised groups;
  • racial, gender, and other diverse-owned founders and/or diverse-led managers;
  • companies addressing the unmet needs of underserved populations, and/or communities seeking responsible social and economic inclusion in the developing world. 

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