Mercy Partnership Fund



Mercy Partnership Fund, the global community investing program of Mercy Investment Services, provides below-market rate investments to mission-driven organizations and projects that provide high social and environmental impact. 


Mercy Partnership Fund’s work today builds on a rich legacy of community investing begun by the Sisters of Mercy in the 1970’s when individual Mercy communities across the country began providing loans to local nonprofit organizations and fledgling community loan funds and deposits in newly formed credit unions that were addressing the need for access to affordable financial services in low wealth communities.  Indeed, the Sisters of Mercy, along with other religious communities, were among the pioneers in the community investing field, often as the first or an early investor in mission-driven organizations. 


Impact Objectives

Through its investments, Mercy Partnership Fund seeks to promote systemic change and support innovation across its impact objectives:

  • Reduce economic poverty for individuals and their communities, within the U.S. and globally, especially for those underserved by traditional sources of capital
  • Support economic, health and educational opportunities for women, children, immigrants, refugees, and people of color
  • Protect the environment


Our Work

Mercy Partnership Fund mainly uses loans and deposits to support organizations and projects that advance our objectives. The majority of these investments are through domestic and international intermediaries, such as community development finance institutions, community development credit unions and banks, and mission-oriented funds.


Working with Mercy

Mercy Partnership Fund welcomes inquiries from those considering requesting an investment. In your email inquiry, please provide a brief description of your organization, mission, programs and how the proposed investment addresses one or more of Mercy Partnership Fund’s impact objectives and criteria.