Mercy Investment Services has established several funds, each with varying asset allocations so that organizations can select from one or more portfolios to meet their investment needs. Each fund is diversified among various investment strategies to provide reasonable assurance that no single security or class of securities will have a disproportionate impact on the total amount invested. Subject to guidelines that incorporate any restrictions of the social responsibility policy, the investment managers will have complete discretion over the investments in the accounts they manage. Although Mercy Investment Services will select the investment managers for the funds, the choice of the amount to be invested in a specific fund is the sole responsibility of the investing participants.

While short-term results will be monitored, the objectives for each of the funds will be evaluated against blended benchmarks from a long-term perspective. The investments will be monitored for compliance with the social responsibility policy and consistency of each manager’s investment philosophy, return relative to objectives, investment risk as measured by asset concentrations, exposure to extreme economic conditions, and market volatility. 


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