Portfolio Screening

Mercy Investment Services uses portfolio screens to avoid investing in certain companies whose products, services or activities contradict our guiding principles. Similarly, we actively seek investments in companies whose activities demonstrate a positive record of accomplishment in matters aligned with the guiding principles of the Sisters of Mercy.


 Mercy Investment Services does not invest in companies whose activities involve:

  • Manufacture of primary abortifacient drugs or devices or operation of health facilities that provide abortion services.
  • Production of nuclear, chemical, biological, landmines, cluster bombs, firearms or other weapons or weapons systems.
  • Manufacture, sale or distribution of tobacco products.
  • Material participation in scientific research through the use of embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue.
  • Production of pornographic products and services.
  • Production of thermal coal or oil sands.

Mercy Investment Services has established revenue thresholds for each avoidance screen to measure the company’s involvement in these activities so that companies with minimal involvement may not be excluded.

In addition, Mercy Investment Services does not invest in food commodities investments, including but not limited to, food commodity derivatives, indices and exchange-traded funds.


Mercy Investment Services also seeks investments in companies with positive environmental, social and governance records, and considers these factors important in our voting of company proxies. The following are factors we consider important:

  • Employment or advancement of women and underrepresented populations.
  • Diversity in governance through appropriate board membership of women and underrepresented populations.
  • Just employment practices and vendor standards.
  • Positive environmental record and/or effective environmental policies designed to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability of life, especially water.
  • Protection or advancement of human rights.
  • Promotion of nonviolence.

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