Saving water and energy with smart water heaters

Water heaters are one of the highest energy-consuming appliances – with a large physical footprint – relying on electric, gas or solar power to warm the water. Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services is helping increase availability and production of energy efficient, space-saving water heaters for high-volume, multistory buildings such as hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes.

Traditional water heaters run around the clock, storing and heating water to keep it available. Intellihot’s commercial tankless systems heat water on demand, using 40 percent less energy than traditional water heaters and take up 80 percent less space. By heating water on demand, Intellihot mitigates the risk of bacteria growing in stagnant water. Through 2023, Intellihot has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 12.3 billion pounds and has the potential to cut global emissions from water heating and HVAC systems by 50 percent. In addition, Intellihot’s water heater failure forecasting service also monitors and remotely controls the systems to identify and respond to issues more quickly and reduce downtime. The company’s innovative contributions have been recognized by multiple industry awards including Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators (2023), Global Excellence Award for Most Innovative Water Heating Solutions (2021, 2022), and Edison Gold Award for the Most Innovative Home & Retail Technology Solutions (2024).

Mercy’s investment in Intellihot and other innovative technologies addressing the climate crisis support our commitment to the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concern for Earth. Learn more about how investments through the Environmental Solutions Fund are advancing environmental sustainability.

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