Investors advocate for just transition in move to net zero

Solar energy

The climate crisis continues to destroy our common home, and the need to move to a sustainable, net-zero world is more critical. However, critical climate action must be conducted in a way that focuses on not sacrificing human rights and worker justice. Numerous stakeholders, including Mercy Investment Services, are collaborating to move toward this “just transition.”  

Earlier this year, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility hosted a Just Transition Roundtable, which brought together utility companies and a broad range of stakeholders to discuss a just and equitable energy transition. A recently released report summarizes the lessons from the roundtable, as well as recommended action, including:

  • Create more inclusive dialogues about a just energy transition among a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Help align utility incentives with just transition goals.
  • Engage with regulators and understand how regulatory frameworks can shape a just energy transition.
  • Support legislation aligned with just transition goals.
  • Develop shared just transition metrics and benchmarks.
  • Highlight examples of effective just transition policies and practices.
  • Ensure that the energy transition enables the creation of high-road jobs with fair compensation, benefits, and safe working conditions for all workers.
  • Invest in community-driven projects such as community-owned solar, community resilience centers, and other, similar projects to mitigate climate change and its impacts while enhancing equity.

Mercy Investment Services remains committed to a just transition that preserves workers’ and communities’ rights while calling for concrete action that will move us to net zero. Mercy Investments will continue collaborating with fellow shareholders to push companies toward these goals.

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