Investment improves farmers’ livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that farmers comprise more than 60 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa. Yet the region has limited education and investment in seeds, crop rotation, planting schedules, storage and fertilization. An investment through Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund was recently recognized for its work to increase these resources and improve farmers’ livelihoods. 

The Silverlands Funds invest in 11 businesses across eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa and provide hybrid seeds, grain storage, crop processing and marketing to these farmers, with a focus on crops such as maize, soya, pulses, potatoes and sunflowers. Silverlands estimates that, in 2021, the investments held by Mercy prevented 31 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation – the annual emissions equivalent of eight average-sized U.S. coal-fired power stations – while increasing the incomes of 165,000 farmers, 61% of whom are women. It also produced the annual calorie intake of 1.9 million people and the annual protein production equivalent to the daily requirements of 7.6 million people. Environmental Finance’s Sustainable Investment Awards 2022 recently recognized Silverlands as the Africa Environmental Fund of the Year award winner for its positive impact on farmers and the environment.

Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund is committed to making positive investments addressing sustainable agriculture, clean teach, water sustainability and more issues that benefit people and communities around the world. Learn more about our investments. 

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