A bright solution to reduce battery waste

Pictured above, an Ambient photovoltaic cell integrated into an electronic price tag. 

More and more devices require batteries to operate, yet the batteries can be difficult to recycle and, when thrown away, can leak chemicals that contaminate the soil and water supply. Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services is investing in a bright solution to reduce battery waste. 

Ambient Photonics makes the world’s most powerful low-light energy-harvesting photovoltaic cells for smart home, consumer electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as remote controls and security cameras. Ambient’s technology captures both artificial and natural ambient light, which it converts to electrical energy to power everyday products. Ambient eliminates disposable batteries and reduces the need for rechargeable batteries, keeping batteries out of landfills and decreases battery-powered devices’ carbon footprint by 80 percent. Watch this short video to learn more about Ambient’s innovative technology. 

Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund invests in a range of solutions addressing the climate crisis. 

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