portrait of Caroline Boden

Caroline Boden
Shareholder Advocacy Manager

portrait of Bonnie Brockmeyer

Bonnie Brockmeyer

portrait of Laurie Case

Laurie Case
Reporting & Research Manager

portrait of Adam Emig

Adam Emig
Senior Investment Analyst

portrait of Amanda Gastreich

Amanda Gastreich
Administrative Assistant

portrait of Lauren Gerth

Lauren Gerth
Manager, Operations Support

portrait of Michelle Hammersmith

Michelle Hammersmith
Executive Assistant

portrait of Valerie Heinonen, OSU

Valerie Heinonen, OSU
Director of Shareholder Advocacy

portrait of Tim Kavanaugh

Tim Kavanaugh
Director of Investments

portrait of Becky Kile

Rebecca Kile
Director of Finance and Administration

portrait of Amanda LePoire

Amanda LePoire
Director of Communications

portrait of Abigail MacDonald

Abigail MacDonald
Loan Fund Administration and Impact Analyst

portrait of Sam Martin

Sam Martin
Investment Analyst

portrait of Donna Meyer

Donna Meyer
Director of Shareholder Advocacy

portrait of Mary Minette

Mary Minette
Director of Shareholder Advocacy

portrait of Bryan Pini

Bryan Pini
President and Chief Investment Officer

portrait of Tom Schaefer

Thomas G. Schaefer
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

portrait of Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith
Director, Mercy Partnership Fund

portrait of Susan Makos

Susan Smith Makos
Vice President of Social Responsibility

portrait of Shelby Stilp

Shelby Stilp
Reporting & Research Analyst

portrait of Pat Zerega

Pat Zerega
Senior Director of Shareholder Advocacy


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