Investee assists Guatemalan women during the pandemic

December 21, 2021


Small business owners around the world have had to pivot their businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mercy Partnership Fund investee Friendship Bridge stepped in to help its microfinance clients continue earning incomes to support their families.

Friendship Bridge is a nonprofit social enterprise creating opportunities that empower women in rural Guatemala to build a better life through its microcredit program, which uses a group-lending model for women in each community it serves. A key component of the microcredit program is non-formal education, which helps the women to cultivate skills and knowledge to better their businesses, selves, families and communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff are using the program to teach clients how to adjust their businesses to earn a much-needed income. Click here to watch Friendship Bridge’s programs in action through the eyes of education and credit facilitator Otilia Ixmata. To Otilia, “Satisfaction is seeing the triumph in each lady.”

Friendship Bridge is one of more than 60 mission-focused organizations in the Mercy Partnership Fund portfolio. Click here to learn more.