Donna Meyer retiring from Mercy Investment Services

June 28, 2021

For almost 10 years, Donna Meyer, director of shareholder advocacy, has brought her wealth of healthcare knowledge to Mercy Investment Services, elevating our shareholder advocacy work to create change to foster healthy people and communities. It is with mixed emotions that we share that Donna will retire this July.

Donna’s impact in the faith-based investing community spans a range of health-related issues. Most recently, Donna identified how shareholders could address the opioid epidemic and co-founded Investors for Opioid Accountability (now IOPA). In four years, this coalition has engaged major opioid manufacturers, distributors, and retail pharmacies on gaps in governance and oversight, leading to companies pulling back pay from executives, producing public reports on their board oversight of opioid-related risks, and instituting oversight committees.

Donna has drawn on her background in public health and her leadership and teaching experiences with several major health systems to address access issues related to domestic and global health. She was a tireless advocate for the predominantly African American community of Mossville, Louisiana, where residents suffered negative health impacts due to the toxins released by a Sasol energy plant. She also led nutrition work with restaurant chains to improve nutritional content of their children’s menus and with major cable networks to change their advertising to children.

While we will miss Donna’s thoughtful, calm leadership and her valuable insights, we wish her all the best as she starts this new chapter with her husband, Charles.