Investors call for AT&T to address bias and racism at CNN

June 15, 2021

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As part of our commitment to anti-racism, Mercy Investment Services has joined 50 fellow investors calling on AT&T to address recent instances of Native American bias and racism by CNN, which AT&T owns. 

In a letter to AT&T and CNN’s major primetime advertisers, investors noted concerning instances that misrepresented or harmed Native Americans. CNN has since ended its relationship with a commentator sharing anti-Native views, one of the recent incidents of bias.  However, investors believe that AT&T’s response should also include a recommitment to diversity and inclusion.

Investors are supporting the Native American community’s requests for CNN to create standards and policies to ensure respect for Native peoples and Indigenous cultures; diversify on-air talent and contributors to include Native and Indigenous peoples; cover issues and voices of Indigenous peoples; undergo anti-bias training and co-create processes with the Native community on how to respectfully engage with Native peoples; and remove anyone from its platforms that espouses anti-Native bias.

Mercy Investment Services will continue to support the Native American community and advocate for an end to racism and bias, in alignment with the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concern of racism.