Shareholders draw attention to critical issues with #AskTheCEO campaign

May 14, 2021

online meeting_unsplash 

Mercy Investment Services, as an active shareholder, has long participated in annual meetings. However, shareholder participation in company annual meetings has become more challenging as companies moved to virtual shareholder meetings, both before and after the onset of COVID. At in-person meetings, shareholders had more opportunities to ask questions of company leadership. Virtual meetings' reliance on technology has at times resulted in shareholders not being able to have their questions asked or fully responded to.   To continue to engage companies in the virtual meeting format, Mercy Investment Services is participating in the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility #AskTheCEO campaign. Shareholders are recording videos, asking the questions they would ask at the company’s in-person meeting, to continue to draw public attention to the critical issues companies need to address. You can view the videos here.