New progress report highlights commitments to reduce emissions

January 18, 2021

hands holding up a globe

Climate change remains an urgent moral crisis that threatens ecological and human welfare, and Mercy Investment Services continues to advocate for change from companies responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. As an active participant in Climate Action 100+ (CA 100+), an investor-led initiative to hold the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters accountable, Mercy collaborates with more than 500 investors to push companies toward emissions reductions aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. CA 100+ recently released its 2020 progress report, which highlights companies’ new public commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including a growing number of pledges to reach “net-zero” emissions by 2040 and beyond. Additionally, an increasing number of CA 100+ focus companies have set mid-term goals (2026-2035) for emissions reductions in their operations. The report also highlights recent announcements from several companies where Mercy is a lead investor, including utility company AES, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. Read more about the work of CA 100+ in the 2020 progress report.