Software makes solar installations possible during pandemic

December 14, 2020


computerized aerial view of house



Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services is investing in technology that optimizes solar installations during the pandemic.

Since 2012, Aurora Solar has developed software that optimizes and improves the efficiency of the solar panel design and installation process by transitioning manual processes online. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for Aurora’s software, as travel restrictions have forced more solar installation companies to complete pre-planning remotely. Aurora enables solar installers to accurately perform remote solar shading analysis, design solar and storage systems, forecast energy production and calculate bill savings. As of October 2020, four million projects were designed using Aurora, with one million of those occurring in the past six months.

Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund includes 23 investments like Aurora Solar that are part of the 12 percent of our portfolio that’s dedicated to impact investments. Learn more on our website.