Creating water out of air for water-stressed communities

October 22, 2020
hydropanel in front of homes on reservation


In the Navajo Nation, water accessibility is a regular challenge: residents travel to nearby towns to buy water for their families. As the pandemic calls for frequent hand washing, water access is even more crucial. Recognizing how critical water access is for these communities, one innovative company in Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund is making water affordable and accessible to the Navajo Nation.

Source Global’s hydropanels use solar power to absorb water vapor from the air, mineralize it for optimal taste, and deliver that clean water directly to a tap or faucet. The company, which has panels in more than 20 countries around the globe, started conversations with the Navajo Nation before the COVID-19 pandemic escalated the project’s urgency. Initially, Source Global installed two panels which provide up to five liters of water per day, at no cost to 15 families and hopes to install more. Click here to learn about Source Global and its projects worldwide.

Mercy Investment Services’ investment in Source Global is one of the Environmental Solutions Fund investments dedicated to cleantech, water, green buildings, and sustainable agriculture and forestry. Learn more about the fund and its impacts.