Investors collaborate to effect change

October 13, 2020
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The annual Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) fall conference, From the Eye of the Storm: Rethinking Investor Strategies to Answer the Challenges of Our Time, held virtually this year, addressed human rights, corporate lobbying and political spending, Investors for Pharmaceutical and Opioid Accountability, climate lobbying, mining, workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, and financial services. Current and emerging issue sessions covered how shareholders can address racial justice, rebuilding after COVID-19, resilient supply chains, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new rules governing shareholder submission of resolutions. Many sessions included consideration of how to best use the collective effort of shareholders to engage companies on the critical components of climate, COVID-19, and systemic racism in all of our engagements. The week also featured the annual ICCR Special Event, which this year was, “EmPOWERing the People: Building Justice into our Clean Energy Future.” Although virtual, the participants were able to come together and, as one participant stated, “honor the brilliance of the collective” toward effecting change, including celebrating Susan Makos’ Legacy Award