Advocating for an equitable, affordable COVID vaccine

September 21, 2020
syringe with vaccine



As the impacts and restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic reverberate around the globe, many are anxiously waiting for a vaccine. Recognizing the critical nature of a vaccine that is effective, affordable, and equitable, Mercy Investment Services has prioritized engaging pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers on this issue.

Investors have requested more details on 17 companies’ involvement in COVID-related product development, including how companies used public funds and if products developed with taxpayer money are equitably priced. Examples of responses included Sanofi, which described its public investment transparency and responsible tax policy, and Moderna, a front runner company for vaccine development, which sent a detailed response on public investment and pricing and scheduled a dialogue with investors.

Several countries, including the United States, want to prohibit exports and have companies commit to delivering to their countries first, rather than focusing on equitable distribution, as recommended by the World Health Organization. Investors are also monitoring how manufacturers are using significant taxpayer and public funding and whether public funding translates to affordable products.

Mercy Investment Services will continue to closely monitor the work of pharmaceutical companies as the global community continues to look for a safe, effective, affordable vaccine and treatments.