20th TIP report evaluates countries' human trafficking activities

July 7, 2020


2020 TIP report cover


The International Labour Organization estimates that 40.3 million people globally are victims of human trafficking through forced labor and sex trafficking. Through its work with companies across sectors including airlines, hotels and retailers, Mercy Investment Services has led investor efforts to end all forms of human trafficking.

Every year, investors including Mercy Investment Services review the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report to identify patterns and areas of concern regarding human trafficking. The report, now in its 20th year, ranks each country and explains how it meets the Trafficking Victims Protection Act minimum standards to eliminate human trafficking, with Tier 1 being in compliance and Tier 3 meaning the country does not meet the standard and is not attempting to do so. The United States prohibits non-humanitarian or trade-related foreign assistance to Tier 3 countries. Of note in the 2020 report, Namibia and Singapore both improved, achieving Tier 1 status, while Nicaragua was downgraded to Tier 3. Turkmenistan and Burma, two countries where Mercy Investment Services engages on issues of fair labor and human rights, are classified as Tier 3. View a map showing each country's ranking.  

Mercy Investment Services will continue to work with fellow investors to review the report and determine how to use it as we engage companies and their supply chains around the world on their efforts to end all forms of human trafficking.