Employing technology to improve agricultural production

May 7, 2020
woman's hands holding small green plant

Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services invests in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and recycling. Some of these investments, like an investment in Terramera through ArcTern Ventures, use new technology to improve the sustainability of global agriculture production. 

Terramera is a green chemistry company focused on fusing artificial intelligence, science and nature to reduce global pesticide load by 80% while increasing global farm productivity by 20% by 2030. Terramera’s ActigateTM Targeted Performance improves the performance of active ingredients used in crop protection products by delivering them directly into target cells, dramatically reducing the amount required. This lowers costs across the system, improves farm productivity and profitability, reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact. Learn more about Terramera here.

Mercy Investment Services’ investments like this continue to support sustainable agriculture and the technologies needed to ensure a healthier world that provides for everyone. Click here to learn more about the Environmental Solutions Fund.