Carbon Clean Solutions' innovative system captures and recycles CO2

April 30, 2020
pollution from smokestack 

As our global community recognized Earth Day this month, an investment in Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund is capturing and recycling industrial carbon dioxide emissions. 

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have largely focused on transition from fossil fuel to renewable sources of energy, and on electrification of transportation. Some of the most difficult emissions to eliminate are those generated by industrial processes – GHGs emitted by factories producing cement, power and steel, to name a few. These account for more than a quarter of all CO2 emissions. Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) has developed a carbon capture system that addresses climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions produced from burning fossil fuels in the production of cement, steel, power, and chemicals.

Legacy technologies to absorb carbon dioxide with vertical stacks and chemicals such as amines and salts are expensive, costing $70-100 per ton of CO2. Yet rising concerns about irreversible and cataclysmic changes in the planet’s ecosystem are driving companies such as CCS to develop affordable ways to capture and recycle carbon dioxide. 

CCS has invented and commercialized the most efficient and affordable means of capturing and recycling CO2 from industrial emissions – reducing the cost from $100 per ton to $45 per ton and $30 per ton with their next generation system. Its proprietary technology captures, transports, stores and recycles the captured gas, which is a byproduct of energy production and related industrial processing. Recycled carbon dioxide can be used in applications including the production of soda ash, which is found in detergents, soaps, and glass production, and in greenhouse farming to shorten growing periods and improve crop quality and yields. Watch this video to learn more about CCS. 

Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services continues to invest in innovative solutions such as this to create positive change in our environment. Learn more about some of these investments and their impact.