EcoVolt system turns wineries' wastewater into energy

March 23, 2020
ecovolt system in winery


When you enjoy a glass of wine, you may not realize it takes on average five to seven gallons of water to produce a single bottle of wine. Thanks to an innovative solution from Cambrian, a company in Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund portfolio, wastewater from wineries is being converted into clean water and energy.

Cambrian’s EcoVolt system, developed with the National Science Foundation, uses electricity-generating organisms to convert wastewater pollutants into clean water and biogas to generate clean energy. One winery drastically reduced its carbon footprint after installing EcoVolt, as it no longer had to haul excess wastewater off site using diesel trucks. Cambrian’s EcoVolt systems have treated more than 115 million gallons of wastewater, recycled more than 35 million gallons of water, and created and saved more than 1 gigawatt hour of energy. View this video to learn more about EcoVolt and its impact.

Through Environmental Solutions Fund investments like Cambrian, Mercy Investment Services will continue to focus on mission-related, positive, market-rate alternative investment strategies in cleantech, water, green buildings, and sustainable agriculture and forestry. As we continue to expand our impact portfolio look for more stories on our website regarding these innovative investments creating positive environmental change.