Investing in improvements to renewable energy

February 24, 2020
wind turbines_iStock-139883089


Through the Environmental Solutions Fund, Mercy Investment Services invests in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and recycling. Some of these investments, like an investment in Clir Renewables through ArcTern Ventures, use new technology to improve the output and efficiency of renewable energy. 

Clir Renewables is a renewable energy artificial intelligence software company whose tools help asset managers and owners maximize production. Clir’s software analyzes how renewable energy tools such as wind turbines function and ways to improve performance. Clir can pinpoint underperformance and determine recommended actions for improvement such as adjusting the alignment of the wind turbine’s rotor or the pitch of the turbine’s blades. Clir customers saw an increase of up to five percent in their production.

Mercy Investment Services’ investment in Clir and others within the Environmental Solutions Fund continue to support renewable energy options and the technologies needed to make them a viable option for the future.