Advocating for an end to modern-day slavery

January 14, 2020

More than 40 million people around the world are victims of trafficking, forced labor, and modern-day slavery. To help raise awareness about their situations and to offer solutions to modern-day slavery, January has been designated as National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. To show our support, Mercy Investment Services staff participated in the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Wear Blue’ campaign by wearing blue on January 13.

In addition to wearing blue and raising awareness among our staff and local community, Mercy Investment Services currently engages 12 companies on the issue of human trafficking prevention and awareness. In November 2019, Mercy Investment Services and other ICCR members met with Southwest Airlines to discuss their progress in training more than 59,000 employees on ways to identify, prevent, and assist victims of trafficking. Additionally, due to Amazon’s growing delivery and logistics fleet, Mercy Investment Services’ advocacy partners filed a resolution on how the company is implementing its commitment to prohibit human trafficking in its operations. At the start of 2020, Amazon became a corporate sponsor of Truckers Against Trafficking, a leading organization that works with companies in the transportation and logistics sectors on implementing training awareness and prevention programs. Mercy Investment Services has supported Truckers Against Trafficking for several years through its engagements with trucking companies. 

Mercy Investment Services continues to work with companies across the hospitality and transportation sectors – including airlines, hotel chains, cruise lines, trucking companies and logistics companies – on how they can address human trafficking in their operations.