Mercy and fellow investors consider solutions to environmental and social challenges

December 12, 2019

The recent SRI Conference brought together like-minded investors and organizations driven to deploy capital to address the most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges. Mercy Investment Services, as a leading socially responsible investor, led a panel discussion about the work of the Investors for Opioid and Pharmaceutical Accountability (IOPA) to reflect its expanding work advocating for access to necessary pharmaceuticals. The presentation built on Morningstar’s recognition of the 59-member coalition representing more than $4.3 trillion as an example of faith-based members, state and city treasurers, labor funds, and public retirement systems speaking with one voice to encourage change and amplify impact for investment and advocacy. The coalition’s two-year report is available online.

The conference included about 600 asset managers, financial advisors, enterprises, mission-driven organizations, influential public and enterprises. An array of speakers explained how investors might help solve water scarcity issues by investing in water equity funds or community direct investments to meet basic needs for sanitation and safe water supplies. Several sessions focused on how ESG funds measure or assess their portfolios, which is of growing importance to investors. Participants agreed that generally accepted standardized metrics would help investors compare portfolios.

Mercy Investment Services will continue to meet with and collaborate with like-minded investors to consider best practices and new strategies for engaging companies and creating systemic change.