New Rite Aid policy encourages supplier to reduce pesticides

December 3, 2019
farmer_pesticide_Creative Commons_5277669243_c29fda46af_o 

Mercy Investment Services commends Rite Aid, which has released a pollinator health policy that encourages its suppliers to phase out pollinator-toxic pesticides including glyphosate, neonicotinoids and organophosphates. Mercy Investment Services has been encouraging retail companies and food producers to discontinue use of these pesticides because of their negative impact on bees, which are critical to global food production.

Rite Aid’s comprehensive pollinator policy is an important success for the Initiative for Pesticide Use Reduction & Safer Chemical Management, co-organized by Mercy Investment Services, IEHN, and Friends of the Earth. As one of the initiative’s target companies, Rite Aid’s policy helps to set a leadership example for the other food and grocery retailers in their efforts to assess and reduce the use of harmful pesticides in their agricultural supply chains.