Access to Medicine Foundation shares 10-year study on progress

August 26, 2019


 In Fiscal 2019, Mercy Investment Services engaged 10 companies on the issue of global access to health care, with a special focus on the most vulnerable populations. For all of these engagements, Mercy used the company’s participation in the Access to Medicine Foundation’s Index to guide the engagement and encourage progress. The foundation recently released its 10-year report, the first independent study of its kind, which evaluates pharmaceutical companies’ progress in access to medicine. The report shows clear progress from 20 of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novartis, Gilead) that are working in 106 low- to middle-income countries. Key findings include: 

  • Several companies are doing business in new, inclusive ways to reach people on low incomes.
  • Seventeen companies set measurable targets, an increase from eight in 2010.
  • Companies are using pricing, licensing and donations more frequently and in ways that increase access.
  • Research and development has more than doubled since 2014 for almost 50 priority diseases such as HIV, AIDS and malaria.

You can view the complete 10-year report online. In addition to using the report in engagements with pharmaceutical companies, Mercy Investment Services is a signatory of the Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) Investor Statement and will continue to use the ATMI as it engages companies.