Investment supports renewable energy in the Philippines

July 29, 2019
 wind turbine

Through an investment with Berkeley Energy, Mercy Investment Services is accelerating social, economic and environmental sustainability through the development, construction and operation of small hydro, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass renewable energy facilities in the Philippines, Indonesia & India.

One such investment, the Philippines Hybrid Energy Systems project, is a 16-megawatt power project in the mountains on the outskirts of Puerto Galera in the province of Oriental Mindoro (island of Mindoro). With the recent project completion, the eight turbines will increase access to energy and reduce 1) the local area’s reliance on diesel-generated electricity; 2) demand shortfalls; and 3) the cost of energy to the electric cooperatives. In addition, Berkeley engaged communities in the development of the projects, created local jobs, upgraded access roads, built a new community hall and basketball court, provided assistance to the local school, and agreed to share future project revenue with the community. Berkeley also planted more than 100,000 seedlings, including threatened species such as the narra, providing more than 100 new trees for every tree removed for the project. The project exemplifies Berkeley’s commitment to establishing long-term partnerships in communities where Berkeley builds and operates clean energy projects. Click here to see the short video of the project.

As part of its commitment to caring for Earth through its investments, Mercy Investment Services established the Environmental Solutions Fund in 2015, which is devoted to funding mission-related, positive, market-rate alternative investment strategies in cleantech, water, green buildings, and sustainable agriculture and forestry within the 80/20, 70/30 and 60/40 Mercy Funds and the 80/20 Sponsored Ministry Fund. Mercy Investment Services is committed to identifying and funding these investments in order to accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future.